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You have established a business, nurtured it, tended it and witnessed it grow from small beginnings to a successful enterprise. However, it is now time to move on to even bigger and better things, or perhaps to retirement. You need someone trustworthy who can manage the whole process for you.

By choosing Broadwalk Business Brokers you can relax in the knowledge that our experience is working for you..

  •   We will provide you with a realistic market valuation built from our knowledge of the marketplace and the regional impact.
  • We will design the most appropriate marketing package for your individual business.
  • We will actively seek and vet prospective buyers until we find the right one for your business and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.
  • We will ensure that you are fully kept abreast of all developments and that you are in full control of the key decisions.
  • We never forget that you are the client.
  • We will help the buyer in completing the purchase through help in arranging funding and other services .

Broadwalk Business Brokers is one of Australia's leaders in MARKETING AND SELLING both large and small businesses including General service industry, Wholesale and Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, Motel, Hotel, Caravan Parks, B&B Management rights, Restaurants, Franchises, Mixed Businesses,Dealerships, Services Stations, Childcare centre , Real Estate Agencies, Development sites to name a few.

  Australian Businesses wanted for sale to meet demand from local and international buyers. Investment properties for sale or lease are always in demand.

Selling your Business

People sell businesses or sell a business for many different reasons:

  • Divestment of a non-core Business Activity Businesses for sale
  • Family Succession Planning
  • Business outgrows the capabilities of the owner
  • Injection of capital required to advance the business.
  • Retirement.
  • Health or Personal reasons.
  • The reasons for selling a business are as varied as business owners.

Whatever the reason may be, Broadwalk Business Brokers can provide you with the services you require when you want to sell a business.

Tips for selling your Business

Just as with selling any other sort of property, first impressions count. There are a number of practical steps you can take to create a good first impression to a prospective purchaser. They may seem obvious, but then again, look around, you might be surprised. By taking these steps, you can not only increase the perception of value to your buyer, but also convert into cash and improved figures, many items which would otherwise be handed over at "no value" to the buyer on settlement:

  • Tidy up your stock. Sell off obsolete, or slow moving stock items. This will improve both your sales and your Gross Profit. Your buyer will be impressed that you are not holding any unsaleable stock. And it will eliminate any possible arguments over the valuation of such stock during the sale.
  • Tidy up your Plant & Equipment. Make your workplace into an efficient working environment. Add a little paint here and there to make things look well maintained. Ensure that you eliminate oil leaks. Anticipate Health Dept. requirements, and sell off and convert into cash any scrap, redundant or obsolete machinery and parts that are cluttering up the place.
  • Tidy up your staff. Where possible, get your staff to take up their leave and other entitlements prior to sale. Get them to wear uniforms, and make sure they wear safety gear when required.
  • Tidy up your premises. Have a look around with the eyes of a prospective purchaser. What would it look like to a critical new observer? The condition of your premises can say a lot about your profitability.
  • Tidy up your Debtors. An area of great concern to a prospective purchaser is the state of your Debtors. Based on your figures, the buyer will have to do his cash flow and working capital forecasting to justify the purchase, and may be very nervous about taking on customers who look as though they take forever to pay their accounts. Now is a good time to bring them into line. You can use the improved cashflow to :
  • Tidy up your creditors and even take those early-settlement discounts. This will create a positive impression of the inherent strength of your business.
  • Tidy up your Balance Sheet. It would also help if you could remove from your Balance Sheet any items which are unrelated to the business being sold, and include, possibly through an Asset Revaluation Reserve or similar, any assets which are not currently listed at their proper value.

Contact us now to meet with one of our experienced Brokers, free and without obligation, to find out more about how our EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE can provide you with the best solution for your business.


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